Personal: I am a simple, confident and determined individual. I am fond of people and enjoy all forms of communication. My experiences in practicing this art in a varied milieu, targeting a mosaic of different races, cultural sensitivities and aspirations have been by and large very successful. Other than this, I like working, exploring and also learning new things in life. I am happiest if I have myriad areas to work with. Approaching deadlines and difficult tasks to do seem to bring out the best in me. Challenge me and I will excel. Give me a boring thing and I would lose heart and not do it again.

Educational: I am basically from Rajasthan, but I have been born and brought up in Ahmedabad. A Carmelite who has done her Masters in English Literature from St. Xavier's College-Ahmedabad.

Professional: I started my career as a writer, and then went on to become an editor, proof-reader, database and content manager, project-coordinator. I trained as a Soft-skill trainer and then learnt the art of Employment as a Recruitment consultant.

Was working as Manager-Operations with a graphic and design firm in Ahmedabad called Orchid Petals [], but life has its own plans for you sometimes and all you do is become the medium for the change. Currently working as Manager- Business Resources for National Institute of Design [NID] and exploring a different facet of work culture, life, people and communications. I work with the Integrated Design Services [IDS] cell handling the activities of the Design Consultancy Services [DCS]. I am responsible for client relationship management, design co-ordination, project execution and deliverables for the various governmental, corporate and non-governmental projects that require the design interventions of NID.